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Weekly hobby lesson for a month $595

If you are interested in learning floral design as a hobby, this weekly package is perfect for you. Every week, you will learn the basic design principles and the way to use the necessary tools to create an arrangement as well as experience seasonal flowers. You will leave each class not only with sufficient knowledge and experience to create similar types of arrangements by yourself but also with your own fresh flower arrangement. Please contact us for more details.

13 Intensive series for a beginner to be a professional $4,925

You will learn the fundamental principles and mechanics necessary to create professional flower arrangements. You will achieve enough skills to design a small event through various practices. Please contact us for more details.

Career course for a professional $6,043

By the end of this career course, you will be able to establish your own style and have enough knowledge and experience to start your own business. We provide extensive opportunities for hands-on experience in many different arrangement styles and settings. We also teach key strategies in floristry, encompassing the whole process from buying and caring flowers to handling, designing, arranging, and displaying. After the coursework, we offer (1) a 2-week internship opportunity to provide real-world training and experience and (2) detailed advice/guidance on how to start your own business, which we believe equally valuable as your arrangement skills to build your career in the industry. Please contact us for more details.

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