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summer green

Vase: 4 x 5”

Base: Regular rose, peony, Hellebore

Floral Focus: Cosmos, Vine

Texture: Berry, Sarrancenia

Step 1: Prepare a container with a 4 inch diameter, and a scissor, preferably a flower twig clipper.

Step 2: Take out all the flowers. You might want to keep them in water throughout the process.

Step 3: Put the greenery in first. You can cut them so that it is just extending 4-7 inches out of the container imagining size of completed design. Pay attention to the length as it affects the entire size of arrangement.


As this would be a 180-degree arrangement, place the greeneries mostly on the left, right, as well as the front. Mix the vines with berries to create different layers and line structures.

STEP 4: Add the hellebores. We have placed it on the right side of the arrangement.

STEP 5: Add the roses. Make sure that they are in different lengths and the ones on the back should be higher than the ones on the front so that everything can be seen from the front. We have chosen purple tinted white roses so that the color corresponds to the berry and forms contrast with the greens.

STEP 6: Add the peonies. Again the lengths should be different so that it’s more interesting. Mix the roses with the peonies to create balance.

STEP 7: Add the ranunculus and the sarracenia. We have put most ranunculus on the right, one on the left. Sarracenia is on the left side having a similar length with the peony. This is to create a balance both in terms of the color and the heights.

STEP 8: Add the cosmos to create a flow in the arrangement as well as to create some color and texture balance.

And you are done!

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